I listen.  I read.  I watch.

I collect.

I’ve carried a little blue notebook with me through a dozen or so countries, separate from my personal journal.  Whenever something interesting crosses my path, I jot it down in this notebook.  When I picked up an article about different castes and styles of pickpockets in Myanmar, I wrote down the classifications.  When a Vietnamese student told me about an ancient king’s vision of a golden dragon in Hanoi, I pulled out my notebook.  When a history lecturer mentioned that Border Collies are as much a product of the Industrial Revolution as automobiles, I wrote it down.

That’s the type of writing I have here.  Not my personal jaunts and epiphanies, not the best coconut coffee in Vietnam, or the Top 5 Day Trips from Santiago.

Anecdotes.  Culture.  History.  Visions. Interviews. Sayings. Obsessions.  Anything that finds its way, strangefully, into my faded blue notebook.


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